Sunday, May 29, 2011

One of many long nights

Soooo hating D right now. :( Poor little Brandan had 3 BG checks in a row in the 300s so I did a site change a day early, at bedtime. I bolused for his bedtime snack and added the correction. A few hours later while he was sleeping it was 429. 4-2-9! WTF? So I corrected it and just hoped I didn't have to do another site change. :/ It started to slowly come down. At almost midnight it was still in the high 200s. I went on to bed and set my alarm for 3am. I woke on my own at 2:13. I went straight to the meter and into Brandan's room without even thinking. His BG was 45. He and his bed were covered in pee from the previously high blood sugar. When I was getting everything together to clean him and his bed, I heard him talking. Very casually and conversationally. I only heard the words "smiley face gummies" clearly. I got into the room and asked Brandan who he was talking to. He looked at me with glassy eyes, pointed to his little brother across the room and answered, "I was talking to Logan." Logan was sound asleep. I told Brandan that. Brandan said he knew that, but he saw Logan move so he wanted to tell him something. I asked what he was talking about. "I told him that my sugar is low and I ate some smiley face gummies. It won't be low anymore. . . . Hey, do I need to get off the bed for you?" I don't know how he was talking, much less how he got up and assisted me with the clean-up.

I just did the fifteen minute follow-up test. He is safe again for a few hours. Now I'm about to check his little brother. I can spare him the horrific finger poke for the fasting BG test in the morning. . . . . . . . .

Before I even got this posted, I heard the little guy cry. His butt hurts because he has some kind of rash on it and he just peed on himself, too. Another clean-up job and then I checked his blood sugar. It was 76. His BG hasn't been high since the first 3 times I checked it, Tuesday morning being the most recent high. Still, it appears my second son has this dreaded disease also.

I'm going to toss Logan's pillow pet in the washing machine now. He was very upset about wetting it. Then I suppose I'll get some rest. If you would dare call it rest.


  1. Trish, you and your precious boys are in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  2. You are a super mum, doing a wonderful job. If anyone told us just how hard and self sacrificing all this was, the countless hours and worries, we very well may not have done it in the first place. But the kids, our sweet kids, make it all worth while! Hope you get some rest x x.

  3. Ugh...I'm sorry you had a rough night Trish! You are one strong Mommy and I hope you were able to get some rest at some point. Been thinking about you and your beautiful boys and I hope that you all have brighter days soon. HUGS!